Monday, March 11, 2019

The reality is painful=and it's spreading world wide

All Americans are controlled by an ELECTED bunch of SATANISTS.
Simple Solution:
1. Who owns the FED?
2. What do they do with the money they steal from us?
The ILLUMINATI are responsible for starting ALL MAJOR WARS.
They (Rothschild) OWN the FEDERAL RESERVE.
They are worth $500 Trillion.
They OWN EVERYTHING (Media, Banks, Governments, Oil, Elect.,Entertainment...)
And use OUR MONEY to CONTROL US through the Official News.
We the People should own the Federal Reserve and collect the interest. Not the Rothschild Empire!
Satanists cannot ascend to Heaven where desires manifest because they Lack Compassion.

And they want to keep US here with them.With the devils-SAY NO TO THEM

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Roman Catholic Church

Does the Roman Catholic Church say it never changes? but he invented new doctrines that are opposed to the Bible, and he has practiced customs and rituals taken away by the idolatry. Some scholars have found that 75% of the Roman Catholic customs and ceremonies are pagan origins.

The sign of the Cross = wrong, does not like the Orthodox, pray to the angels and the false doctrine of the purgatory (founded by Pope Gregory the 1st in the 6th century).

Papism is idolatrous and the title of "pope" means "father" is given to the bishop of Rome, who is the leader of the world RC Church. In Matthew 23: 9, the Lord Jesus Christ warns that giving the title of "father" to human spiritual teachers is a sin because we only want to see our Heavenly Father for absolute truth and power.

Jesus does not appoint Peter to the leadership of the apostles and forbids any such idea. (Read Luke 22: 24-26; Ephesians 1: 22-23; Colossians 1:18; 1 Corinthians 3:11).

The pope's kissing feet were published in the 8th century. It was a pagan custom to kiss the legs of the emperors. The Word of God forbids such practices. (Read Acts 10: 25-26; Revelation 19:10; 22: 9).

In the year 1870 after Christ, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the doctrine of papal infallibility. This is the blasphemy and the indication of apostasy and antichrist is provided by Apostle Paul. (Read 2 Thessalonians 2: 2-12; Revelation 17: 1-9; 13: 5-8, 18). Many scholars of the Bible see the number of the beast (Revelation 13:18), 666 in the Latin letters of the pope's title: ". VICARIVS FILI DEH "

"Ocean Star," and "Star of the Sea" are denominations that refer to the demon of Isis by its devotees.

As for the entity that appeared to visionaries in Medjugorje and claimed to be a protector and mediator between men and God, and called for Celebrations to be held in her honor and the daily royal chanting of Rosary, Mary could never have been humble and blessed a servant of God who gave birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:14 warns us that evil spirits may appear as good-natured beings.

The Word of God commands us to come out of Babylon, saying, "Come out of my people, that YE are not partakers of her sins, and YE does not receive its plagues." (Revelation 18: All true Christians will remain faithful to the religion of Christ as taught in the Bible and take seriously the warning of Paul the Apostle, who said: "But if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you from what we have preached, let it be anathema. "(Galatas 1: 8).

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Beware of this false prophet
Agent of the Devil = TB Joshua = Jesus never said that he would send prophets after him But most importantly, it is imperative to test the spirits, judge and compare the doctrinal teachings and beliefs that TB Joshua presents with The Word of God. From this stand alone you will discover that this man teaches the heresy to be wrong with the truth. Christians must avoid any person using occult techniques in the name of Jesus Christ. His members read almost their own Bible for themselves, they read the books and rhapsody that fill the heresies sometimes. TB Joshua, may use the name of Jesus Christ, but he does not speak it in faith but in a fraudulent way. Someone once said that a demon threw a demon, why not. The devil put the demon there to deceive the Christians. And you think the demons are really going away, just keep quiet. In conclusion, Joshua's TB's purpose is to make Christians backslide and make them feel they are doing the right thing. The pastor is not perfect. TB Joshua is a volunteer agent of the devil. The devil uses it = to distract you from the right course = Like all other false prophets today. When we die ... God will not ask us ... how many demons have we cast out of people. Will they ask each of us - did you give water, eat the poor? Lighten your dark brothers and sisters, otherwise they will tell you ... to leave from here I do not know you. with all these false prophets, the devil works well. Because she did not know Orthodoxy. Believing the devil can hear it better, and it will be easier to leave. If they were humiliated, they would not show off television. All are precursors to the Antichrist = it is not true miracles when the Antichrist comes - it will do the same pseudo-gods - the true prophets of the god never show themselves in this way. The true prophets do not make false prophecies = Predict that Hillary Clinton will win Nowadays, unrighteous, knowing that the last time about the Antichrist and devils is near, he will do his best to deceive man from many manifestations. CHRIST WAS WARNING FOR "POINTS AND WALLS" BEFORE THE AGE OF THE ANTICHRIST .. ALL THOSE FALSE CLOSERS PREPARE THE CHRISTIANS FOR THE SPIRIT CHRIST.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

ALIENS is demonic beings because ...

The extraterrestrials of our time match the demons and the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible about their behavior.
As the Bible provides foreigners, they never confirm the deity of Christ, nor claim that they come in his name.
Aliens change their stories to deceive people into believing their lies. An example of this is that before humans come out or send satellites there, aliens could claim to be planets like Jupiter in our solar system. As time passed and the man learned more about our planet, we realized that no one could live on a planet like Jupiter, so the aliens changed their story. They now claim to come from other solar systems and star clusters such as Andromeda and Pleiades.
Although the aliens said to go, they seem to have to survive, just as fallen angels need human beings to plunder.
Alien abductions stopped by invoking the name of Jesus.
Foreigners bring ideas to the earth to help people join the world in a new era of consciousness. This combination opens the way for their leader (who is the Antichrist), making mankind forget its religion and beliefs in their countries.
Aliens often call themselves neogerites and occultists, unlike Christians. This is not always the case, as people from all walks of life have come into contact with "foreigners". However, I think these "space brothers" are not very interested. In communication with Christians This is because Christians can see in disguise and foreigners know what they are:. Demons
Aliens do not contradict the loved ones by the people can also deny their creator (God). Instead of claiming the creators. This serves to pull man away from God.
Aliens give human technology, but these "achievements" are usually devastating. There are secret plans of many governments in their budget, which usually concern the creation of new weapons systems. Much of the technology for such weapons is said to come from aliens. Why do strangers never give us the technology that saves lives?
Aliens often emit terrible odors such as sulfur. Christians believe not only in the immortality of the soul and the resurrection
of the body. According to God's proposal in our first creation, the human soul and the
The human body is intertwined and no one can be right without the other. SA
As a consequence of a fall, body death, these two separate, but this separation is
Permanent and permanent. During the Second Coming of Christ we will be raised from the dead with our soul
And our body; And so, having the soul together with the body again, we will present ourselves in front of
our Lord for the final Judgment.

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Freemasons is pure satanism Illuminati  is real and they seek control of the world. Watch out guys they see everything you do they got control over the bank/money and laws also the police and the army we are rats in a cage
 Chief Commander Lucifer.Do not listen to Masters who are Christians??? because you can not serve two Masters.They are    kings of deception.They do believe that they do good,But the reality is that they are fellows of fallen angels
Fidel Castro to see here with his eyes, looking up like Jesus and pointing downward to the god of the Liberators of conserving the devil. "Lucifer's children, the word" Lucifer "means" LIGHT to COMISTER so that the Masons are the "children of light" or, in fact, "the children of the demons

Friday, February 22, 2019

NASA Blue Beam Project

Second, it promotes the deterioration of the current democratic forms
political systems and leads societies to seek alternative methods of political ideology. Of course, the alternative is already planned. It is called a new world class and will not have your security or your interests in the heart. As George Bush said: "Read My Lips". Fear has always been used by a powerful elite to control and enslave the masses. The oldest maximum, separation and conquest are at the global level to ensure that everyone is afraid of their personal security and that they are suspicious of everyone else. This is also control of the mind.

In order to move on to the new technology underlying the NASA Blue Beam Project, we need to look at this statement by psychologist James V. McConnell published in a 1970 issue of Psychology Today. He said: "It is the day that we can combine aesthetic deprivation with drug hypnosis and intelligent manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control of a person's behavior. We should then achieve a very fast and highly effective type of positive brainwashing that would allow us to make dramatic changes in a person's behavior and personality.


He knew that without temptation he is far from the path of God and you do not walk in the traces of saints Isaac of Syros." "It is necessary to pray forever and endlessly, and that who is in sorrow and the one who lives in comfort" Saint John Chrysostom .- "The pleasures and sinful pleasures and countless tribulations are born of much money," St. John the Chrysostom .- "Seeing God, what do you do with the power, giving it to God, and he in turn gives you himself, the spiritual, the divine," St. Macarius of Egypt. - "If man has no conviction in his heart that he is a sinner, God does not hear him," Gerontiko (Abbas Moses, 16) .- "We will be asked not to be accountable for every reason and act but for every year , even for every moment and minute of the hour "Gregory the Theologian-" If there were no opponents, there would be no races and if there were no races, there would be no wreaths "Theophylock. When God gives it, there is no power of envy, and when he does not give, the power is not painful, "Gregory the Theologian. And the wise" We must respect God with subtle works, glorify and honor him with the thought: "Saint John Damascene, let us win the souls with the graces, let us give our possessions to the poor, become rich in heavenly goods," Gregory the Theologian. - Resist the devil with faith. And God, having suffered a little, will keep you, will sustain you. "(1 Peter 9-10) .-- Confession is a way for man to come to God, it is an offering of God's love to man, the elder Porphyrios Bairaktaris. "The blessing to God is gained from pure consciousness and works of virtue," Isaac the Syrian. "As the spiritual man is someone, the lesser the rights he has in this life," the elder Paisios athletes, none and nothing that scares you. John Chrysostom: "No one can know his weakness if he does not fall into bodily temptations, then he prays and crushes and humbles Isaac the Syrians." The indiscretion is a special feature of evil and the mercy of man and the shame of the great, "Great Photius." - People approaching God approach each other, Again as they approach each other, God approaches " , Abbas Dorotheos .- "God, who knows the potentials of the people, also allows the devil" (Matthew 1-6, 16-18) .- The mysteries of God are revealed to Jesus Christ, "humble" Isaac the Syros. "- What we do with the grace of God, we must communicate it to others to glorify God," King the Great. "If we were convinced of rhythm and arrogance and we were blinded by us, we inevitably fall into the same sin as the devil," Basil the Great. "Nothing bothers most listeners, as for himself," St. "Unrighteousness is a great sin, all sins are weak, injustice has no wrath of God." There is nothing to be as big as removing someone from the fallacy, "St. John the Chrysostom".